Frequently Asked Questions

Fogo monitors backups on a daily basis and takes corrective actions on any warnings or errors associated with backup jobs.
Fogo tests recovery every quarter using a sample of the environment. Not every server for every customer is tested quarterly as this would not be feasible. However, we do run nightly integrity checks that verify the data and parity bits.
Our expected RTO is dependent on the affected component or components of the environment. For a total catastrophe, we have an anticipated recovery time of 48 hours. Our goal is to recover within 24 hours and have never exceeded that goal.
Fogo does have an extensive business continuity plan for DR. This is a requirement to meet SOC type 2 compliance. Our plan consists of contracts with local fuel companies, hardware vendors, moving companies, etc. This also includes a communication plan and emergency response team among many other criteria. Our DR plan applies to all hosted customers with the exception being data replication. We provide a DR replication as a service and is something we provide on a per contract basis.