Hybrid IT


When a company has an understaffed IT department, it leads to an overall lack of time for strategizing, employee burnout and increased backlog of work. This will ultimately negatively affect the company’s bottom line because they are not maximizing the technology budget and, more importantly, their time.

Hybrid IT is a combination of in-house IT personnel and outsourced services. While this might seem similar to a traditional IT service agreement, rather than completely outsourcing the solution, we assist the existing in-house IT department.

A company may have a strong IT leader (CIO, CTO, IT director), but this person can struggle to focus on advanced strategy because of the outside noise of help desk tickets. Often, a company excels in providing immediate response to prevent costly outages, but is lacking in IT strategy and tools. Whatever the situation, we work hand-in-hand with your current IT team to implement a thorough, cost efficient plan to secure the company.

Our hybrid IT service is perfect for small-to-medium sized, widespread companies. Providing an additional resource to an overworked IT department can prevent lags in service and future issues from arising.