Legal Services

Cloud Services for Law Firms

Built Specifically to host legal applications and support the workflow needs of law firms. Fogo Data Centers offers several different delivery methods that are very customizable and feature rich. These delivery methods allow your attorneys and support staff to work just as they do on their office desktop, from anywhere, at any time, and on any device.

Hosting your company’s data and applications in the Fogo cloud ensures the highest levels of up-time and industry standard security that your business needs in order to be competitive in today’s world. This also removes the unwanted headaches associated with hardware and software refresh cycles, costly IT consulting, and overhead.

Law Firms have a heightened need for security, compliance, and reliability. For these firms, a Virtual Desktop solution is the perfect fit. Below are current delivery methods that Fogo offers.

Virtual Desktops

A full instance of Windows 10 that allow an end user to accomplish everyday tasks, install software as needed, and customize their desktop without impacting other users. This is a desktop that leverages the power of the cloud and allows users to connect from anywhere there is an internet connection. End users can interact with their line of business applications and servers at data center speeds. If they have to shut down their physical device or not to a different computing platform they can pick back up and start working exactly how they left it. This solution offers the convenience and flexibility accessing your corporate environment from anywhere there is an internet connection with the power of a full operating system.

tablet showing all clouds services

Remote Applications

An application delivery method delivered over an installed application or web browser. This offering allows users to launch applications and interact with them as if they were native on their physical device, but uses the computing power and speeds of a data center. This also allows applications that need to interact with a database back end to properly function without the extra overhead of a VPN. This also works well where a native application installed on a remote PC may be slower in performance due to network latency or other variables. This method is only providing graphical representation of what is happening in the data center and is only sending screen refreshes, mose clicks, and keyboard strokes. Since this method is never really sending application data across the internet, the bandwidth requirement is much less and performance is greatly increased.

Remote Desktop Services

Terminal Service delivery method that uses a many to one method that allows for end users to share computing resources among many users. The delivery method is a reliable and cost effective method to deliver a server based full operating system session. While this method is less customizable and has greater end user restrictions around end users installing applications independently for their individual use, it is still reliable and a great budget friend option.