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Outsourcing your web hosting services saves you valuable time and energy. Let us concentrate on the back-office tasks while you focus on your business. With us, you gain access to experts in the industry. Our team is available to answer your questions and concerns on a consistent basis. Our goal is to increase your efficiency and competitiveness at an affordable cost.


With our hosting services, we ensure your site is at peak optimization. We use Cloudflare CDN for faster page loading times and optimize for WordPress. Additionally, our security is top tier. We include firewall protection, brute force defense, virus scans, and security monitoring. Don’t forget Free SSL too! Thus, your site is safe from mistakes with us. We offer automatic account backup snapshots and easy restore when recovery is needed. In the case there is accidental deletion or data corruption, there are server rewind backups too!

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We take extreme pride in helping businesses increase their online visibility. Therefore, no matter your field, Fogo Data Center will help your business achieve an established and consistent online presence.

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