Why Is A Responsive Website Design Necessary?

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An Overview Of Website Design

The start of an online presence for your business begins with responsive website design. Therefore, how you decide to use your valuable screen “real estate” is important. Here at 2nd Line Marketing, we work with our clients to create the design you envision for your company. We want to ensure that every visitor to your site gets the same excellent user experience. 

Our web design and development team provides you with everything from the ground-up. From website build to maintenance and monitoring, we do everything in between. Moreover, we are focused on more than just click rates. Ultimately, we want to drive conversions! 2nd Line Marketing offers a full range of web services to help keep you above your competitors. Responsive web design is no longer just a luxury but a requirement.

Our Responsive Web Design Services

Website Hosting

Outsourcing your web hosting services saves you valuable time and energy. Let us concentrate on the back-office tasks while you focus on your business. With us, you gain access to experts in the industry. Our team is available to answer your questions and concerns on a consistent basis. Our goal is to increase your efficiency and competitiveness at an affordable cost.

With our hosting services, we ensure your site is at peak optimization. We use Cloudflare CDN for faster page loading times and optimize for WordPress. Additionally, our security is top tier. We include firewall protection, brute force defense, virus scans, and security monitoring. Don’t forget Free SSL too! Thus, your site is safe from mistakes with us. We offer automatic account backup snapshots and easy restore when recovery is needed. In the case there is an accidental deletion or data corruption, there are server rewind backups too!

Website Maintenance

Web maintenance is what keeps your site at it’s best. Regularly checking on your site for issues, errors and overall updates keep it healthy. This should always be done. Not only does it keep your site together but it also helps continue your traffic growth, enforce your Google ranking, and strengthen your SEO.

No matter what size your business, it is incredibly important to keep your site optimized. It is easy to forget or let it slide into the background but web maintenance should be a priority. Don’t let your site fall apart! Keep your business running smoothly. Let us handle the backend tasks while you focus on your company!

Routine Updates

Although search engines like Google do not roll out large-scale updates on a regular basis, minor adjustments are constantly being made. As a result, 2nd Line Marketing will make routine updates to your site, for SEO, content, and marketing purposes. This may include keyword research to help you rank higher than competitors, pillar content page creation to show potential customers your expertise on a subject, or image reviews to increase web page load time.

SEO Integration

We’ve found that the greatest missed opportunity with SEO is failing to focus on the problems you solve for your customers. Most search engine searches revolve around a customer’s problem and their need for a solution. So, by gearing our customers’ content towards offering this solution, we, therefore, show why the customer needs your product or service. We then increase your website’s overall online visibility by incorporating a variety of short- and long-tail keywords into this content. In addition, as visitors begin to find you, we are able to find out information about where they’re viewing from, what product or service they’re searching for, and much more.

Content Development

Content is one of the most important elements of a website. In fact, it’s what sets your site apart and tells the story of how and why a customer needs your product or service. In order to generate informative and captivating content, 2nd Line Marketing determines your high-value customer’s interests. With this, we cater to each webpage to interest these targets. This includes creating captivating taglines, titles, and descriptions, as well as clear calls-to-action. We strive to give our clients top tier content. Therefore, we utilize our professional designers, photographers, and writers to produce your images, logos, copywriting, & more.

Website Redesign

Whether you would like a completely new website or need a responsive web design, 2nd Line Marketing can assist you. We’ll review the goals you want to achieve through your new site and assess your current site’s problems and successes. With this information, we will create a new, high-performance, highly responsive website.

In the end, it is your vision paired with our creativity and expertise that guides our process to create the best website we can for your company. 2nd Line Marketing is dedicated to ensuring your website is optimized and aesthetically pleasing. Whether you are starting from scratch or redesigning your current site, give us a call. We are here to help you!

Let Us Help You with Responsive Web Design Solutions!

We take extreme pride in helping businesses increase their online visibility. Therefore, no matter your field, Fogo Data Center will help your business achieve an established and consistent online presence.

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